Whether you are a small company/musician/artist looking for a simple presence on the web or a large corporation looking for extensive intranet development (or somewhere in between), Ink Plant can build the perfect web site for you using a combination of the following services:

  • Site Design & Layout – We'll work with you to create a look and feel for your site that expresses the spirit of your business. Then, we'll transform those ideas into your new website using clean authoring techniques and the latest technologies. This is where many web designers stop, but for us it is only the beginning.
  • Database Integration – We also provide full database integration to turn your site into a true business tool instead of just another sales ad. We can create forms that allow you to capture lead contact information, manage existing client information, and deliver continuously updated fresh content to your site's visitors.
  • Admin Tools – We can create an organized, easy-to-use admin section of your site to allow you to sort and receive incoming data and to publish new content. Your new admin tools will make your website maintenance effortless.
  • Website Promotion – Creating the perfect website is only half the battle. You need someone to help you share it with the world. Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, both internal and external, will result in an increase of interested traffic to your site. Additionally, we can help you build and manage an effective online marketing campaign. By pairing SEO efforts with paid advertising, we allow you to effectively capture your target audience.
  • Internal Systems Development – In addition to creating public websites, Ink Plant has the experience and skills to develop complex internal workflow solutions for your company. Our products can increase efficiency by creating one home for CRM tools, memos, contract generation and storage, tasklists, project management, calendars, and more.