May 1997 · Robert published his first web site on his dad's dialup account. In a sense, this was the beginning of our network of sites. The original was never deleted. Instead, it was continuously improved upon, occasionally moved, and every once in a while renamed to became what you see today.

February 1999 · The site moved to cswm.net where it expanded to become a full-fledged interactive site for users.

October 2003 · Robert adopted the name Lantenengo for his web enterprises and moved the site to lantenengo.com.

April 2007 · Lantenengo Industries was registered as a business in New York City and we began doing development work for clients.

November 2007 · The launch of East Coast Runners (later renamed inglog) marked the official beginning of the Lantenengo Network.

December 2008 · In an effort to create better brand recognition, we changed our business name to Ink Plant. A little easier to spell, right?

September 2011 · Ink Plant moved to the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. Now located just outside of Allentown, we're still an easy drive away from our clients in NYC. And, of course, we can still do work remotely for clients around the country.