About Ink Plant

Ink Plant is a quality web development company based in Macungie, Pennsylvania. Because we are smaller than those big name firms out there, we are able to offer competitive rates for our services and provide the personalized service that they have forgotten about.

Robert James Reese is the owner and lead developer of Ink Plant. Originally from out west, he has a degree in English Literature from the University of Colorado and, since then, several years of experience coding in a PHP/MySQL environment.

We'll be honest here… Although this was a full time gig for Robert in the past, it's not today; instead, it's an evenings and weekends type of thing. If that doesn't work for you, you should probably look for a different shop. On the other hand, if you're okay with unconventional hours but want great results, we're exactly what you're looking for.

If you'd like more information about how Ink Plant came to be, check out our history page.