Developer Tools

Straight Quotes to Smart Quotes Converter · Go from straight quotes (also known as dumb quotes) to smart quotes in a snap with this online tool. It goes from smart quotes to straight quotes too.

Blank HTML5 Page · A blank HTML5 document ready for you to copy and paste. Or customize it a bit. We’ll add your title, style sheet, and load up jQuery if you’d like.

Generate HTML Redirect · Generate an "old-fashioned" HTML/JavaScript redirect file that can be uploaded to your server.

Generate MD5 Hash · Generate an MD5 hash from a string.

Meta Description Length Counter · Meta descriptions are an important part of SEO strategy. Are yours long enough? Too long? This easy, online calculator will let you know.

HTML Validator Template · A tool that lets you use the W3C Markup Validation Service with only a chunk of HTML code, not an entire page.

URL Encoding · Quick guide to URL encoding and a free online tool to encode URL's and other strings for safe us in any query string.

Convert Text to Variable · Simple form to convert a long text or HTML field into a safe variable to use in PHP.

Array Sorter · Sort PHP arrays alphabetically and removes and duplicate or null values.

Date & Time Tools

UNIX Timestamp Converter · Use this free Unix timestamp generator to generate a Unix timestamp from any date and time combination. Or your can use the Unix timestamp converter to turn a Unix timestamp into a real date and time.

Online strtotime · This online tool helps with quick date calculations by allowing you to use PHP's strtotime function online. No coding required.

Time Calculator · This free online calculator lets you add or subtract multiple times with hours, minutes, and seconds easily. For example: 13:14 - 2:33 = 10:41.

Length of Time Between Two Dates · This calculator will tell you how many seconds, minutes, hours, days, and weeks lie in between two dates (and times).

Design & Colors

Color Generator · This tool makes it quick and easy to pick the perfect hexdec color for your website. Use the RGB sliders to generate colors and their CSS.

Image Coordinates · Grab the X and Y coordinates of any points on any image.

Gradient Creators · Links to the best gradient generators on the web. Use them to create a gradient PNG image and CSS code in any color and size that you can easily save and use on your own website.

Organizers & Logs

Task List · Easy-to-use yet powerful online task list manager. Completely free to use.

Notepad · Super simple place to store notes for yourself online.

Misc. Tools

Random Password Generator · Free online random password generator that quickly creates strings of random letters, numbers, and puncuation.

Compare Lists · Paste in two lists and this online tool will de-dupe them and then tell you which items were on one list, the other list, or both.

What is my IP Address? · Simple tool to tell you what your current IP address, hostname, and IP number is. Also, it explains a bit about what exactly an IP address does.

Simple Calculator · This simple calculator takes in an arithmetic equation and solves it.