Old Ink Plant Sites

You might be asking yourself why we'd take the time to put together a list of our old defunct sites. Well, to be honest, we've wondered that too. But, in the end, we decided it would be a good idea in case someone out there was looking for something specific that no longer exists. Hopefully this page will help you on your way.


» casawomo.com
CaSaWoMo was once the home of essays, short stories, and poems. In an effort to consolidate domains, we moved the essays written by Robert to RobertJamesReese.com. The rest of the content was unpublished.

Run Emmaus

» runemmaus.com
Run Emmaus was a fun running / GPS mapping project. A year's worth of running routes were overlayed on top of each other in a challenge to see how quickly all the streets in town could be run. Once the challenge wrapped up, there wasn't much need for the site anymore.


» carmileagelog.com
CarMileageLog.com is a free online auto mileage log where users can keep track of their cars' gas consumption and calculate MPG, cost per mile, etc. It used to have its own domain name, now it can be found here on inkplant.com.

Running Sphere

» runningsphere.com
Running Sphere was the name of our running log before it became inglog.

Best Running Log

» bestrunninglog.com
Best Running Log was the name of our running log before it became Running Sphere, then inglog.

East Coast Runners

» eastcoastrunners.com
East Coast Runners was our running log before it became BestRunningLog.com, Running Sphere, and, eventually inglog.

Lantenengo Running Log

» running.lantenengo.com
Lantenengo Running was our running log before it became East Coast Runners, BestRunningLog.com, etc. See a trend here? That's right, we couldn't figure out what to call our running log. inglog seems like a good fit, though, don't you think? Let's just keep it there.

Plant Ink

» plantink.com
Plant Ink was a collection of random projects we had been working on. Most of them can now be found in the Tools section here on inkplant.com. Some of the humor stuff that was up there can be found on Awkward Hugs.

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