Ink Plant Network

The Ink Plant Network is a diverse collection of free-to-use sites that we've built over the years and continue to improve upon. Kick back, explore the sites, and enjoy.

Task Yak

The yak knows what task you should tackle next. Trust him. He'll make your life easier.


inglog is a popular free online training log where users can easily store and analyze their running, biking, and swim data. Our oldest and most popular site, inglog has been around (under various names) since 2003.

Blue Fox Games

Blue Fox Games is home of free games that you can play online. There's no registration required and nothing to download. Just pick a game and play.

Awkward Hugs

Awkward Hugs is a website meant to make you smile, chuckle, and occasionally all-out belly laugh. There's nothing terribly important there, but there is content that will entertain you. At least we hope so.

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