Simple PHP Directory Script

I sometimes have a tendency to create a lot of files and forget what I have named them. Then, I get super annoyed when I have to stop and look them up because the environment I'm working in doesn't have a built-in directory feature enabled. So, one day in an effort to combat this annoyance, I decided to slap together this simple PHP script that grabs all files from a given directory of a specified file type(s) and turns them into a nice little on screen directory. Here's the code:


$dir = './';
$okfiletypes = array('php','html');

$files = array();
if (is_dir($dir)) {
	if ($dh = opendir($dir)) {
		while (($file = readdir($dh)) !== false) {
			if (($file != '.') && ($file != '..')) {
				if (in_array(strtolower(substr($file,(strrpos($file,'.')+1))),$okfiletypes)) {
					$files[] = $file;

foreach ($files as $file) {
	echo '<div><a href="'.$file.'">'.$file.'</a></div>';


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Will Knot B. Revealed Snr.
October 5, 2013, 11:13 pm
Simple, short and sweet. Ideal when only specific files need listing sans folders.

Thanks :)

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