Test PHP Connection to IMAP Mailbox

Simply enter your server location, account name, and password into this code and it will connect to your email account via IMAP (or display the reason why it couldn't connect).

For more information on PHP IMAP functions, see the official documentation.


$mail_server = "imap.example.com" ;
$mail_port = 143 ;
$mail_username = "test@example.com" ;
$mail_password = "pw" ;

echo "<h1>".$mail_username." on ".$mail_server."</h1>\n\n" ;
$mbox = imap_open("{".$mail_server.":".$mail_port."}".$mail_folder, $mail_username, $mail_password) or die("Error opening mailbox: ".imap_last_error());
$mailboxheaders = imap_headers($mbox);
if ($mailboxheaders == false) {
    echo "<p>".$mail_folder." is empty.</p>\n\n";
} else {
    echo "<h2>".$mail_folder."</h2>\n" ;
    echo "<ol>\n" ;
    $msgno = 0;
    foreach ($mailboxheaders as $val) {
        echo "  <li>".$val ."</li>\n";
    echo "</ol>\n\n" ;




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