Why is jQuery Not Working in Drupal 8?

I was editing a custom block in a Drupal 8 site that I’m working on and needed to use jQuery for a quick image swap. While it would have been possible to accomplish what I was looking for in straight JavaScript, doing it in jQuery made things much easier. The only problem was that jQuery wasn’t working and I was getting the “Uncaught ReferenceError: $ is not defined” message. I knew that jQuery was already being called by my theme, so why wasn’t it working?

After a bit of digging, I discovered two things that were keeping jQuery from working in my Drupal block:

  1. Drupal uses jQuery.noConflict() mode, so the $ shorthand won’t work out of the box. This means, to select the div1 div, for example, you’d need to use jQuery.('#div1') instead of $('#div1'). Or, apparently, you can “include jQuery and Drupal as dependencies in the library definition in your MODULE.libraries.yml and add a wrapper around your function,” but that sounds like a lot of work. I chose to go the easy route for this one because it was such a small bit of code.
  2. To improve performance, Drupal calls jQuery from the very bottom of the page so, if you’re including JavaScript in a custom block, it’s going to fire before jQuery is available. (Yes, I know that it would theoretically be better to put all the JavaScript into an external file, but when it’s just a couple lines of code, that feels like more effort than it’s worth.) The good news is that there’s an easy fix: You can keep your script from firing until jQuery has loaded with window.onload.

Put together, here’s what those workarounds look like:

window.onload = function() {
		function() { jQuery('#div1 img').attr('src','image2.jpg'); },
		function() { jQuery('#div1 img').attr('src','image1.jpg'); }

Problem solved! The above works from within a Drupal 8 custom block.

If you’ve discovered a better way of getting around this problem, I’d love to hear about it. Share with us in the comments below.



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