Display List in PHP with Commas and "And"

When you have a list of items stored in an array, PHP's built-in implode function does a decent job of quickly displaying them on the screen, but it fails to address the linguistic custom of adding an "and" before the last item in the list. Here's a quick function I wrote to solve this problem:

function commas_and($list,$comma=', ',$and=', and ') {
	if (count($list) <= 2) {
		$and = str_replace($comma,' ',$and); //no comma if there are only 2 items
		return implode($and,$list);
	} else { //if there are more than 2 items
		$string = '';
		$separator = ''; //no comma before first item
		$i = 0;
		foreach ($list as $item) {
			$string .= $separator.$item;
			if ($i == (count($list) - 1)) { $separator = $and; } //before last item
			else { $separator = $comma; } //before all other items
		return $string;

To show how it works, here are a few examples:

$animals = array('buffalo','alligator','lion','penguin');
echo commas_and($animals);

Result: buffalo, alligator, lion, and penguin

$animals = array('alligator','lion','penguin');
echo commas_and($animals);

Result: alligator, lion, and penguin

$animals = array('alligator','lion','penguin');
echo commas_and($animals,', ',' & ');

Result: alligator, lion & penguin

$animals = array('lion','penguin');
echo commas_and($animals);

Result: lion and penguin

$animals = array('lion','penguin');
echo commas_and($animals,', ',' & ');

Result: lion & penguin

$animals = array('penguin');
echo commas_and($animals);

Result: penguin

As you can see, the function handles groups of 3 or more the same. Groups of 2 lose the comma, but keep the and (a slightly modified version of it). And groups of 1 – which aren't really groups at all, are they? – are returned without any separators at all.

If you do specify $comma and $and (they're both optional), make sure to include a space after each.



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