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Convert IPv6 Address to IP Number with PHP

Quick and easy function converts both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses to IP numbers. No PHP extensions required. » View Post

Get Timezone by Latitude and Longitude in PHP

cURL | Maps | PHP
This function lets you quickly go from lat. and long. coordinates to a time zone by connecting to the GeoNames web service. » View Post

Convert State and Country Abbreviations to Names Function

This PHP function makes it super easy and quick to go from an abbreviation to a full state or country name. We include the MySQL data tables you need too. » View Post

Display List in PHP with Commas and "And"

Like PHP's built-in implode function, but with extra logic to give an "and" before the last item in the list. » View Post

Get Facebook app_scoped_user_id From Facebook ID

Facebook | PHP
A little help transitioning to version 2 of the Facebook Graph API. Explains how to get the app_scoped_user_id values for your users if all you have is their original Facebook ID. » View Post

Basic PHP cURL Example

A quick example showing how to retrieve a webpage's contents remotely. » View Post

Generate CSV From PHP Array

Basically the opposite of fgetcsv, this function takes a PHP array and converts it into a CSV file for you. » View Post

Display PHP Array as a Google Chart

This function makes it super easy to go from a PHP array to the JavaScript you need to generate a Google BarChart, AreaChart, GeoChart, LineChart, PieChart, and more. » View Post

Display PHP Array as Table

This function lets takes a one-dimensional PHP array and turns it into a nicely formatted HTML table for display on your page. » View Post

Custom Error Handling Function

This PHP function prints a nicely formatted error message out to the screen and ends the script. » View Post

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