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Fade Out & In Between Pages

CSS | HTML | JavaScript | jQuery | TweenMax
This guide will show you how to transition between pages (either the full page or just a section) with animation while changing the URL. » View Post

Blank HTML5 Template

Here's a blank HTML5 document ready for you to copy and paste. Or customize it a bit. We'll add your title, style sheet, and load up jQuery if you'd like. Easy as pie. » View Post

Display an Unsupported Browser Warning with CSS

This example shows how to display an unsupported browser message to users simply and easily. No JavaScript needed. » View Post

Crop Images With CSS

CSS | HTML | Images
Here's a shortcut that will let you "crop" images when you display them without having to actually modify the image files. » View Post

Form Helper Class

Helpers | HTML | PHP
Helper for generating and processing HTML forms with PHP. Includes functions for easy creation of text input, dropdowns, radio buttons, checkboxes, hidden fields, date dropdowns, file uploads, and more. » View Post

Convert an Entire MySQL Table to UTF-8

A PHP function (with lots of comments) that converts a MySQL table and its data to UTF-8. It updates the collation of the table itself and of each text-based column. Additionally, it goes through each row and updates existing data automatically. » View Post

Count Textarea Characters with JavaScript

HTML | JavaScript
Simple code that allows you to count how many characters have been typed into a textbox (or any other text element) and then displays the remaining amount of characters in a specified element. Works great for Twitter forms and the 140 character max. » View Post

Convert Hex to Decimal Functions

The PHP functions you need to go from RGB values to a hexadecimal string and visa versa. » View Post

MySQL Vertical Display in HTML Table

PHP code to display results from a MySQL query sorted vertically (rather than horizontally) in a table. Very simple and allows for custom number of columns. » View Post

Simple PHP Directory Script

PHP code that crawls through your local directory creating an array of files (of a specified extension). It then sorts those and prints them out as HTML links. » View Post