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Include JavaScript and CSS Files for a Single Page in Drupal 8

CSS | Drupal | JavaScript | jQuery
Here’s how to include JavaScript and CSS files for a single node on your Drupal 8 site, without having them load on every page. » View Post

$(window).load Is Deprecated

JavaScript | jQuery
The .load handler was removed in jQuery 3.0. Here’s the code to use instead. » View Post

Fade Between Images with jQuery

JavaScript | jQuery | PHP
With this PHP function, you can fade directly from one image to another with jQuery, and even make a looping slideshow. Super easy. » View Post

Bookmarklet to Grab Query String Data

JavaScript bookmarklet code that grabs all the parameters from the query string and places their data into the text fields by ID. » View Post

How to Remove Decimals from Prices in BigCommerce

BigCommerce | CSS | JavaScript | jQuery
jQuery script that removes the decimal places from prices, and instructions on how to install it to your BigCommerce store. » View Post

Get Access to IFrame Elements with JavaScript

Using a little JavaScript magic, you can target the iframe’s elements just like you would any element in the main page. » View Post

JavaScript Equivalent of PHP’s ucwords Function

This JavaScript function takes a string, converts it to lowercase, then capitalizes the first letter of each word. » View Post

Why is jQuery Not Working in Drupal 8?

Drupal | JavaScript | jQuery
Here’s a quick hack to get around the problem. » View Post

Collect and Save Electronic Signatures

JavaScript | PHP
This simple example will show you exactly how to collect an electronic signature from your users and save it as a PNG file using PHP. » View Post

Get and Set Query String Variables with JavaScript

Quick functions that will let you both get data from the query string in JavaScript, and also to update that query string. » View Post

Get File Size and File Name of Local Files with JavaScript

JavaScript | jQuery
With the HTML5 File interface, you can access filename and size of users' files — before they're uploaded. Here's how. » View Post

Scroll to Div with jQuery

JavaScript | jQuery
Find the top of an element on your page and scroll to it (without animation) using jQuery. » View Post

Fade Between Two Backgrounds

CSS | JavaScript | jQuery | TweenMax
Using CSS and JavaScript, fade between two background images. Includes a working example. » View Post

Facebook & Twitter Share Customized Text

Facebook | JavaScript | jQuery | Twitter
Use the share dialogs and JavaScript/jQuery to allow users to share content that they generated. » View Post

Load a Variable File Based on Query String with jQuery and Ajax

Ajax | JavaScript | jQuery
This example will show you how to include files based on query string parameters using only client-side scripts. » View Post

Fade Out & In Between Pages

CSS | HTML | JavaScript | jQuery | TweenMax
This guide will show you how to transition between pages (either the full page or just a section) with animation while changing the URL. » View Post

Use JavaScript to Determine Vistor's Version of Internet Explorer

This function lets you see if someone is using IE and, if so, which major version. It's helpful for blocking access to pages that are known to fail in older versions of the browser. » View Post

Get Image Coordinates With jQuery

Images | JavaScript | jQuery
This code lets you grab the X,Y coordinates of any point of any image using jQuery and JavaScript. It can be useful for allowing users to crop their own images, tag friends in photos, or other similar applications. » View Post

Count Textarea Characters with JavaScript

HTML | JavaScript
Simple code that allows you to count how many characters have been typed into a textbox (or any other text element) and then displays the remaining amount of characters in a specified element. Works great for Twitter forms and the 140 character max. » View Post

Ajax Tutorial

Ajax | JavaScript | PHP
A simple crash course on Ajax (without jQuery) that will get you started in a matter of minutes. Includes an easy to follow example with multiple Ajax calls from one page. » View Post