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Get Image Coordinates With jQuery

Images | JavaScript | jQuery
This code lets you grab the X,Y coordinates of any point of any image using jQuery and JavaScript. It can be useful for allowing users to crop their own images, tag friends in photos, or other similar applications. » View Post

Crop Images With CSS

CSS | HTML | Images
Here's a shortcut that will let you "crop" images when you display them without having to actually modify the image files. » View Post

Tint Images with PHP

Images | PHP
Take a black & white image and tint it red, blue, green, or any other color that you can dream up using PHP and its built in image library. » View Post

Resize an Image on the Fly with PHP

Images | PHP
Easy PHP functions that let you resize images automatically using PHP. One keeps the same aspect ratio by cropping. Another function allows you to set a max width or height and shrink to fit. Or you can force to specific dimensions. » View Post

Simple PHP Image Upload Form

Images | PHP
This little chunk of PHP allows a user to upload a JPEG image and then resizes that image to generate a thumbnail automatically. With a little work, you can change the file types allowed, formula for resizing the thumbnails, etc. but I wanted to keep this simple so only JPEGs are allowed and everything is resized based on height. » View Post