Here, you'll find chunks of PHP, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, and Ajax code that we've put together while working through various projects. Hopefully they'll help you out in your coding adventures too.

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Use JavaScript to Determine Vistor's Version of Internet Explorer

This function lets you see if someone is using IE and, if so, which major version. It's helpful for blocking access to pages that are known to fail in older versions of the browser. » View Post

Display an Unsupported Browser Warning with CSS

This example shows how to display an unsupported browser message to users simply and easily. No JavaScript needed. » View Post

Do Smart Quotes Hurt SEO?

I used to think yes, but recent evidence suggests otherwise. » View Post

Get Timezone by Latitude and Longitude in PHP

cURL | Maps | PHP
This function lets you quickly go from lat. and long. coordinates to a time zone by connecting to the GeoNames web service. » View Post

Convert State and Country Abbreviations to Names Function

This PHP function makes it super easy and quick to go from an abbreviation to a full state or country name. We include the MySQL data tables you need too. » View Post

Countries, States, Provinces, and Oceans MySQL Dump

Data Dumps | MySQL
A MySQL data dump of tables containing all countries, U.S. states, Canadian provinces, Mexican states, and oceans. » View Post

A Fix for When FileZilla Gets Stuck Beyond Your Mac Screen

FileZilla | Mac OS
What to do when FileZilla gets stuck up above the top of the screen on your Mac. » View Post

All Countries MySQL Database Table

Data Dumps | MySQL
A data dump of the world's countries in MySQL format. Includes names, 2-digit abbreviations, and 3-digit abbreviations. » View Post

Display List in PHP with Commas and "And"

Like PHP's built-in implode function, but with extra logic to give an "and" before the last item in the list. » View Post

Get Image Coordinates With jQuery

Images | JavaScript | jQuery
This code lets you grab the X,Y coordinates of any point of any image using jQuery and JavaScript. It can be useful for allowing users to crop their own images, tag friends in photos, or other similar applications. » View Post

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